I Couldn’t Do This Alone

I decided to dedicate this blog to the dads of autistic children. I have always heard that anyone can be a “father,” but it takes someone special to be a “dad.”

No one understands my girls like their father. He is truly an amazing dad! Whether he is practicing cheers with Jordynn for cheer squad, doing soccer drills with Jocelynn, or just running around the house after the two of the them Sherlock is an involved father who loves his girls incredibly. To them, he is their own personal superhero.


Jocelynn and her dad putting together her dollhouse that he bought her as a reward for making honor roll at school.

I asked my girls what they loved the most about their dad to share in this weeks blog. Jocelynn responded by saying,”Daddy takes care of me…he likes to make me smile, and he loves me.”  For Jordynn, the question was too broad and she was unable to answer the question. Instead I had to restructure my question listing for Jordynn three activities she traditionally does with her dad. I then asked her which of the choices she liked to do the most with her dad, and then continued with the remaining choices. For Jordynn, she loves 1st) Going to the movies, 2nd) Playing “get you,” and 3rd) Going on long walks with her daddy.


Jordynn showering her dad with kisses.

While the journey to reach beyond autism is not an easy one; I am happy not to be traveling by myself.  For Jordynn and Jocelynn their dad understands the “uniqueness” that is them, and loves them unconditionally in the way that they need.  To me, Sherlock is just the partner I need to tackle autism.  He provides a different perspective when I suffer from tunnel vision, and smooths out my rough edges during negotiations with our school district.  The role he plays as we advocate for our daughters is different from the role I play, but no less valuable, and I appreciate his innumerable contributions.

I applaud all the dads of autistic children who are their daughter’s first love and their son’s first superhero.


About ShaeBrie Dow

Life-long learner, mother, wife, educator. Dedicated to leaving the world a better place than I found it.
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